Children develop their own personalities long before life begins to get serious. Children gradually develop their own personal styles in a playful and protected manner, inspired by role models and without actually being aware of it. ENERGETIX creates special magnetic jewellery entirely in line with children’s wishes. Items of jewellery that all have one goal have been brought together here in the Magnet Shop: to enrich childhood, to create a sense of joy in beautiful things and to make memories of one’s first pieces along the way.


Very important where magnetic jewellery for children is concerned: absolutely ‘in’ and right on trend

ENERGETIX’s jewellery designers see things from a child’s point of view. What motifs on magnetic bracelets, magnetic earrings, magnetic rings or necklaces are especially popular with kids, what could make them happy from the start? Girls and boys love animals. A kitten, for example, a fish or – a little bigger – an elephant. Koala bears are really popular! It’s no secret that flower motifs simply delight girls. In football, the boys certainly still have a small lead, with the emphasis being on ‘still’. Because that’s probably started to change on the football fields at the latest since the last Women’s Football World Cup. Which is exactly one of the trends that our trend scouts also picked up for children’s jewellery and have turned it into fantastic items of jewellery for children.


Children’s magnetic jewellery by ENERGETIX – the special gift idea

The giving of presents plays a special role for children’s magnetic jewellery. Very few children buy their own jewellery. Which means that they are all the more delighted when parents or grandparents, uncles and aunts come across ENERGETIX magnetic jewellery for children in their search for gifts and find creations that are not only suitable for children but that are sure to delight them. You’ll find lots of ideas and inspiration here in the shop.

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