Exclusive design with integrated magnets – that’s what sets ENERGETIX’s magnetic jewellery apart. Fashionable and trendy women will find an extraordinarily comprehensive range of sophisticated creations here in the Magnet Shop. The classic line is, of course, also represented in the ENERGETIX Shop. Magnetic bracelets, magnetic chains, magnetic earrings and magnetic rings right up to magnetic anklets to fulfil any wish.


Beautiful as unique pieces – sensational in combination

ENERGETIX’s range of magnetic jewellery for HER is extremely varied. Each individual item of jewellery develops an extraordinary effect and perfectly underscores their wearers’ attractive look. This effect may be reinforced by the combination of several items of jewellery. An enchanting charm is created along with an eye-catching effect that the design elements multiply to produce the perfect look when the same elements on a magnetic bracelet – a particular detail shape or little crystal stone – are echoed in the ear studs or in the magnetic chain pendant. This is especially the case when the items of magnetic jewellery are presented in sets – as is the case several times here in the shop. But a contrasting jewellery composition also generates its own special charm. Various materials, different finishes, contrasting colours – anything is possible; the only thing that matters when it comes down to which item of magnetic jewellery is appropriate is what the wearer likes. 


Welcome to the Magnet Shop

In view of this variety of exclusive magnetic jewellery, the recommendation can only be: take your time and browse the different categories in this special Magnet Shop. Millions of people all over the world wear ENERGETIX’s magnetic jewellery because they love the exclusive design that is the hallmark of ENERGETIX Bingen and because they always want to keep the power of magnets close to them. Why not see for yourself?

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