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Relaxation cushion set with six integrated magnets
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Product details

  • Magnet strength: 0,12 Tesla
  • Substance: cherry stones, cotton, lavender, linen, polyester
  • Colour: cream, light brown, lilac, natural, petrol
  • Colour scheme: shades of brown, shades of green, shades of violet, shades of white
  • Magnet number: 6

Product description

Relaxation cushion set with six integrated magnets This relaxation cushion set consists of the following elements: an elongated linen cushion cover with six integrated magnets, three petrol-coloured cherry-stone cushions, a lilac-coloured lavender cushion and a natural-white cushion inlay. The cushion cover features three inside chambers into which the cherry-stone cushions may be inserted. The lavender cushion spreads a pleasant scent that is an invitation to relax. The application and care instructions have been printed directly on the cushion so that no questions remain unanswered, which is very practical!

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