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Free shipping     24 months warranty
MagnetComfort - Wellness neck pillow
MagnetComfort - Wellness neck pillow
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Product details

  • Magnet strength: 0,12 Tesla
  • Substance: polyester, polyurethane (PU)
  • Colour: black, dark blue, white
  • Magnet number: 8

Product description

Comfort and wellness for relaxing and sleeping. The high-quality memory foam is encased in a cuddly-soft outer material. The ergonomic shape can help prevent neck pain and tension. Eight strong neodymium magnets each possessing 0.12 tesla in the neck and shoulder area deliver additional wellness through the power of magnets. Ideal for at home and when you're on the road. Why not try it yourself? Packed in its transport bag, the neck pillow is very small and may be comfortably taken with you on any trip.

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