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MagnetStrip - Extra strong body magnet for back, joints and more

MagnetStrip - Extra strong body magnet for back, joints and more

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MagnetStrip MagnetStrip
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Substance: stainless steel
Colour shades: shades of silver
Additional Characteristics: engravable
Magnet number: 2
Surface Finish: polished
ENERGETIX System: MagnetStripe
Magnet strength: 0,24 Tesla


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and specifics

Small, strong and powerful: the popular MagnetStrip possesses two strong neodymium magnets and may be fastened to any part of the clothing thanks to the counterpart of the same design. The MagnetStrip is available with or without copper as desired. The organic shape represents a neutral alternative for all those looking for a power magnet but not wishing to wear a MagnetHeart. When storing the counterpart, please do not attach to the strip's magnetic side but to the polished side (as shown in the image).

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MagnetStrip MagnetStrip
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